Husserl bibliography

Sarah Richmond – Phenomenology BA lectures on Husserl

Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenology


Reading Suggestions

Primary Texts

(The main text on which these lectures will focus is [1]. The others may be used to illuminate Husserl’s thinking on various topics discussed.)

[1] Husserl, Edmund, Cartesian Meditations,

[2] Husserl, Edmund (1913), Ideas Pertaining to a Pure Phenomenology and to a Phenomenological Psychology. First Book. General Introduction to a Pure Phenomenology. Trans F. Kersten, The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff (1983).

[3] Husserl, Edmund (1911), ‘Philosophy as Rigorous Science,’ trans. in Q. Lauer (ed.), (1965) Phenomenology and the Crisis of Philosophy, New York: Harper.


Secondary Texts


Carr, David (1973), ‘The Fifth Meditation and Husserl’s Cartesianism’, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol 34, pp. 14-35

Drummond, John (1975), ‘Husserl on the Ways to the Performance of the Reduction’, Man and World, 8, pp. 47-69 (Responds to Iso Kern’s paper, below)

Elliston, Frederick, ‘Husserl’s Phenomenology of Empathy’, in (Eds) Elliston and McCormick (1977), pp. 213-31

Gurwitsch, Aron, ‘Husserl’s Theory of the Intentionality of Consciousness’, in (Ed) Dreyfus (1982), pp. 60-71

Kern, Iso ‘The Three Ways to the Transcendental Phenomenological Reduction in the Philosophy of Edmund Husserl’, reprinted in (Eds) Elliston and McCormick (1977), pp. 126-149

D. Zahavi, ‘Husserl’s Noema and the Internalism-Externalism Debate’, Inquiry 47:1 (2004), pp. 42-66


Edited Collections

(Ed) Dreyfus, H (1982), Husserl, Intentionality, and Cognitive science,
 (Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press)

(Eds) Elliston, F and McCormick, P (1977), Husserl. Expositions and Appraisals. (U. of Notre Dame Press)



David Bell, (1990), Husserl, (London: Routledge)

Smith, A.D (2003), Husserl and the Cartesian Meditations, (London: Routledge)

Zahavi, Dan (2003), Husserl’s Phenomenology, (Stanford: Stanford U Press)


Internet resources

There is a helpful overview of the topic of consciousness and intentionality in general (across ‘Continental and ‘analytic’ traditions) in the Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy:

Siewert, Charles, “Consciousness and Intentionality”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2004 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), at:           


For Husserl’s relationship to other phenomenologists, the following are useful:

Moran, Dermot, (2000), Introduction to Phenomenology, (London: Routledge) (A survey of the phenomenological movement as a whole)

Sartre, J-P, (2004), The Transcendence of The Ego, trans Andrew Brown, (London: Routledge)

Seeburger, Francis, (1975), ‘Heidegger and the Phenomenological Reduction’, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 36, No. 2, pp. 212-221

                                                                        Sarah Richmond, UCL, 2008

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