Husserl’s account of the Natural Attitude

We begin our considerations as human beings who are living naturally, objectivating, judging, feeling, willing “in the natural attitude”. What that signifies we shall make clear in simple meditations which can best be carried out in the first person singular.

I am conscious of a world endlessly spread out in space, endless becoming and having endlessly become in time: I am conscious of it: that signifies.. that intuitively I find it immediately, that I experience it. By my seeing, touching, hearing, and so forth, and in the different modes of sensuous perception, corporeal physical things.. are simply there for me, “on hand” .. whether or not I am particularly heedful of them..  Animate beings too – human beings, let us say – are immediately there for me: I look up; I see them; I hear their approach; I grasp their hands; talking with them I understand.. what they objectivate and think, what feelings stir within them, what they wish or will..

§27 (‘The World of the Natural Attitude: I and My Surrounding World’, pp. 51-52)


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