My existence is apodictically certain

Everything that holds valid for me, I have myself posited as valid
with its meaning, or it belongs to the horizon of my possibilities to
15 cognize it, possibly in evidence. Everything standing under the title
“objective world,” is firstly given in sensibility; here I can fall into
deceptions and can be forced to strike out meant being. Do I have an
immediate apodictic certainty of the world, in individual cases and
globally? Is it not conceivable that it, though experienced, nonethe-
20 less does not exist? All questioning, doubting, negating presupposes
myself as existing—my existence is there as existing—and already
implicitly presupposed—together with everything that is valid for
me, and is valid as real or possible, as semblance, as meaning or
countermeaning. My existence is apodictically certain.

Edmund Husserl, First Philosophy, 416

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