eksistence – Existenz

“That being towards which Dasein can – and always somehow does – comport itself in one way or another, we call ‘eksistence [Existenz].'”

“Dasein always understands itself in terms of its eksistence, in terms of a possibility of itself: to be or not to be itself.”

“The self-understanding that leads in this direction we call ‘eksistentiel.’ ”

“As an entity with this kind of being, [Dasein] has been delivered over to its own to-be. What this entity itself is always concerned about is being.”

“The fact that entities with Dasein’s type of being cannot be conceived in terms of reality and substantiality has been expressed by our thesis that the substance of human being is eksistence.”

“…if the self belongs to the essential determinations of Dasein – whose ‘essence,’ however, consists in eksistence – then I-hood and selfhood must be conceived eksistentially.”

“Clarification of the eksistentiality of the self has its ‘natural’ starting point in Dasein’s everyday self-interpretation, where Dasein, in sayingI,’ expresses itself about ‘itself.’ ”

Martin Heidegger, Being and Time

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