what is involved in the epoche

What is involved in the epoche. (Beliefs, convictions, remain unaltered.)

We do not give up the positing we effected, we do not in any respect alter our conviction which remains in itself as it is as long as we do not introduce new judgement-motives: precisely this is what we do not do. Nevertheless the positing undergoes a modification: while it in itself remains what it is is, we so to speak, “put it out of action”.. we “parenthesize it”.. (§31, p. 59)

With regard to any positing we can quite freely exercise this peculiar epoche, a certain refraining from judgement which is compatible with the unshaken conviction of truth.. The positing is “put out of action,” parenthesized, converted into the modification “Parenthesized positing;”… (§31, pp. 59-60)

via: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/~uctysar/Husserl%20I-C%20lects%20-%20Ideas%20extracts.htm

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