Robert N. Johnson – Philosophy 4500/7500: Theories of Ethics

This is an advanced course in ethical theory. Our readings will come from Immanuel Kant’s Groundwork, Derek Parfit’s Climbing the Mountain, and journal articles.


1.    Kant Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, Zweig, tr., Hill, ed. Oxford U. Press

2.     Parfit, Derek. Climbing the Mountain

Some Related Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entries

1.    Contractarianism (Ann Cudd)

2.    Social Contract (Fred D’Agostino)

3.    Kant’s Moral Philosophy (Robert Johnson)

4.    Respect (Robin Dillon)

5.    Consequentialism (Walter Sinnott-Armstrong)

6.    Rule Consequentialism (Brad Hooker)

7.    Virtue Ethics (Rosalind Hursthouse)

8.    Autonomy in Moral and Political Philosophy (John Christman)

9.    Personal Autonomy (Sara Buss)

10. Moral Motivation (Connie Rosati)

11. The Definition of Morality (Bernard Gert)

12. Moral Responsibility (Andrew Eshleman)

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