on reflection, and its capacity to affect the reflected-on

But concerning the efficacy of reflection and therefore the possibility of any phenomenology whatever there exist skeptical doubts which we wish to remove completely at the outset.

Each Ego is living its mental processes.. It lives them: that is not to say that it has them and has its “eye on” what they include and is seizing upon them in the manner characteristic of an experiencing of something immanent.. Any mental process which is not an object of regard can.. become “regarded”; a reflection on the part of the Ego is directed to it, it now becomes an object for the Ego… In turn the reflections are mental processes and, as reflections, can become the substrates of new reflections; and so on ad infinitum as a matter of essentially necessary universality.

When the mental process which.. is actually being lived comes into reflective regard it becomes given.. as existing “now”. But not only that: it becomes given as having just now been and, in so far as it was unregarded, precisely as having been unregarded, as not having been reflected on. In the natural attitude.. we take it for granted that mental processes do not exist only when we advert to them… etc (§77, pp. 174-5)

via: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/~uctysar/Husserl%20I-C%20lects%20-%20Ideas%20extracts.htm

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