Conditioned and unconditioned reflexes

Conditioned and unconditioned reflexes

[icon] This section requires expansion. (February 2013)

In their textbook on human physiology, Nikolai Agajanyan and V. Tsyrkin list five criteria for demarcation between unconditioned and conditioned reflexes.

In contrast to the former, the latter are learned and unstable reactions which can be inhibited and extinguished under definite conditions.

A leading role in the performance of unconditioned reflexes, in contrast to the conditioned ones, is played by the lower divisions of the higher nervous system, the subcortical nuclei, brain stem and spinal cord.[13]:vol. II, p. 330

Conditioned reflexes, on the contrary, are a function of the cerebral cortex and can be developed under the action of the most varied stimuli applied to different receptive fields.[14]:see a table at page 105



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