Technology, argues Heidegger, is the current dominant historical mode of being. Technology is oblivious of its own essence (which is not technological), in fact ignores it by constraining itself to facts, techniques, etc., when its own essence–technology–is (thinking about it ontologically, phenomenologically, as Heidegger always does) is as a mode of being, i.e. a particular way of revealing beings, a particular way of disclosure. Modern science, like any cultural-historical world (the structure that determines the mode of being in which beings appear), sets up conditions that allows beings to appear within those conditions (i.e. beings then show up according to that structure). Specifically, in modern science, mathematics is equivalent to a metaphysical projection: beings are projected as mathematical projection to calculate the calculable. Modern science is thus not only the a posteriori knowledge that science gets, but is first and foremost the a priori ontological projection of a certain mode of being in which beings appear.


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