“Intentionality” and “Phenomenality,” the two aspects the naturalistic model of the mind-body-unity is not able to explain, are at the core of the phenomenology of the body, that represent a more convincing concept of mind-body-unity. Phenomenology of the body, inaugurated by Husserl and developed by Jean-Paul Sartre, (7) Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Hermann Schmitz and Bernhard Waldenfels, (8) does not try to reduce the mind to an epiphenomenon of the body, like the materialistic theories, but conceives the “living body” (Leib) as the way in which the human being exists. From an phenomenological point of view the body is the medium of our existence, i.e. “in-der-Welt-sein.” The body is both the medium of human acts and the place where the World appears. The description of the Body as medium of existence also clarifies how it is possible to be a body and at the same time to have a body. (9)

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