The question is pointed interculturally in a specific way, such that it makes culture an agent of mediation, insofar as it opens its middle and mediates itself interculturally. And it is here that the philosophical issue of the constitution of this mediating middle of the inter-dimension of inter-culturality appears. This mid-dimension is not given per se, but demands our involvement. We are justified in claiming that such philosophical involvement, already sketched by Husserl, contributes to the acknowledgement and recognition of a common world experience, in that it does not set up a culture as “ours” or “yours,” but rather in the mediation between “own” and “alien.” It does not take possession of the alien in order to achieve its own acknowledgement; nor does it exclude the alien in order to defend its own essence. The “essence” in the sense of “identity” as a mode of existence preserves itself only in the prospect of its own mediation, otherwise it becomes alienated and is seized by fear of annihilation. The annihilation of the life-world is deeply related to the question of the foundational redefinition of European humanity, as is evidenced by Nietzsche’s designation of “European nihilism,” Scheler’s “age of reconciliation,” Husserl’s “crisis of European humanity,” and Heidegger’s “oblivion of being,” not to mention literary examples.

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