Is there such a thing as a non conscious (unbewusste) perception (Vorstellung)? Is there such a thing as a life of the I (Ichleben), which is not itself conscious, or even that is not itself perceived? (10) In the BM, Husserl formulates the hypothesis of an original process (Urprozess) of such a kind that it is, in principal, perceivable even though it is not actually perceived. Herupon follows the disitinction between perceptions that can be conceptionally grasped, and perceptions that can not. (11) And, as Husserl observes, does not an original process necessarily belong to every perception as a process that constitutes the givenness of the temporal object (Zeitgegenstände) but is not itself perceived? As a matter of fact, is not the constituted object quite unthinkable without the being of this constitution (Sein der Konstitution) which, as such, would be prior to the object thus constituted? In other words, does not every grasping conception (Erfassen) presuppose a former (Vorgängiges)  non-grasping perceiving (Wharnemen ohne Erfassen)?  Doubtless! (12)


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