Theory of Science

Science is part of knowledge, that part devoted to describing and understanding the universe. Complexity arises when we see knowledge as part of the universe, so science is part of the universe that being so we can apply science to study science which the case here. To continue the thinking: if we can apply science to study science then epistemology is not a branch of philosophy but a domain of science. This means that epistemology should have all the qualities of a science in terms of clear concepts and variables, measurement and empirical validity.

As has been outlined above, crucial questions of the nature of science need to be addressed before we can proceed with examining questions of our being and psychology. Some of those questions are as follows.

– What is a scientific theory?
– What is a variable?
– What is the relationship between a variable and its value?
– Is all that is measurable a variable?
– How are domains of science defined?
– How can we understand the relationship between domains of science?
– What is reduction in science?
– What is the relationship something and the mechanism whereby it is manifest?
– What does it mean to be empirical?
– What are concepts, and ideas? Are these the basis of science?
– When is and when is not something scientific?


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