transition to the transcendental attitude

And, conversely: a radical, psychological unfolding of my apperceptive life and of the particular world appearing in it, in respect to the how of the particular appearances (thus of the human “world-picture” ) – this, in the transition to the transcendental attitude, would immediately have to take on transcendental significance as soon as I now, at the higher level, constantly take into account the meaning-conferring accomplishment which is responsible for the objective apperception, i.e., the accomplishment through which the world-representation has the sense of something really existing, something human and psychic, the sense of being my psychic life and that of other human beings – the life in which everyone has his world-representations, finds himself as existing, representing, acting according to purposes in the world.

Edmund Husserl, The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology

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