The naivete of speaking about “objectivity”

The naivete of speaking about “objectivity” without ever considering subjectivity as experiencing, knowing, and actually concretely accomplishing, the naivete of the scientist of nature or of the world in general, who is blind to the fact that all the truths he attains as objective truths and the objective world itself as the substratum of his formulae (the everyday world of experience as well as the higher-level conceptual world of knowledge) are his own life-construct developed within himself – this naivete is naturally no longer possible as soon as life becomes the point of focus. And must this liberation not come to anyone who seriously immerses himself in the Treatise and, after unmasking Hume’s naturalistic presuppositions, becomes conscious of the power of his motivation?

Edmund Husserl, The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology

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