man as a psychophysical reality

Modern philosophy had prescribed to itself from the very beginning the dualism of substances and the parallelism of the methods of mos geometricus – or, one can also say, the methodical ideal of physicalism.

From the start, then, the world was seen “naturalistically” as a world with two strata of real facts regulated by causal laws. Accordingly, souls too were seen as real annexes of their physical living bodies (these being conceived in terms of exact natural science); the souls, of course, have a different structure from the bodies; they are not res extensae, but they are still real in a sense similar to bodies, and because of this relatedness they must also be investigated in a similar sense in terms of “causal laws,” i.e., through theories which are of the same sort in principle as those of physics, which is taken as a model and at the same time as an underlying foundation.


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