Every genuine beginning of philosophy springs from meditation

All of modern philosophy springs from of Descartes’ Meditations. Let us transform this historical proposition into a substantive one: Every genuine beginning of philosophy springs from meditation, from the experience of solitary self-reflection. When it is rooted in its origins, an autonomous philosophy (and we live in the age when humanity has awakened to its autonomy) becomes the solitary and radical self-responsibility of the one who is philosophizing. Only in solitude and meditation does one become a philosopher; only in this way is philosophy born in us, emerging of necessity from within us. What others and the tradition accept as knowledge and scientific foundations is what I, as an autonomous ego, must pursue to its ultimate grounding, and I must do so exclusively in terms of my own sense of its evidentness. This ultimate grounding must be immediately and apodictically evident. Only in this way can I be absolutely responsible; only thus can I justify matters absolutely. Therefore I must let no previous judgment, no matter how indisputable it may seem to be, go unquestioned and ungrounded.


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