Indeed, the first issue is research into the correlation between consciousness as lived experience and what it is conscious of
as such (the cogitatum). Here we must not overlook the decisive point As Ego, I must direct my gaze toward a bewildering multiplicity of subjective modes of consciousness, which as such belong in each case to one and the same object that I am conscious of and intend in those modes of consciousness; and these modes of consciousness belong together thanks to the synthesis of identity, that necessarily enters into the process. One example is the multiplicity of modes of appearance
that exist within the perceiving observation of a thing, by means of which it becomes immanent in consciousness as this one thing. This thing that is naively given to us as one thing, and possibly as something permanent and completely unaltered—becomes the transcendental clue that leads us to the systematic reflective study of manifolds in consciousness that essentially pertain to any one thing. This is the case for every entity, for every individual reality, and also for the world as a total phenomenon. The mere fact that there actually is an apodictic and essential set of laws governing correlation was already a completely new discovery of unprecedented importance.

June, 1931

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